Hello Ladies,

I’ll like to start off by welcoming all of you to UKB Women.

Being a Motivational Speaker and a Life Coach for the last 5 years I have had great opportunities to  help people achieve their goals through proper mindset coaching.  Even though we live in an “Equal Opportunity” society; it is unfortunate to see a lot of women hold themselves back with limitations that they create for themselves.  Regardless of their job status or financial situation, majority of the times I find women being very self conscious of how they look physically.  When my husband, Paul, told me about his dream I felt that this was a perfect opportunity for both of us together to Empower Women physically and mentally.

My husband has been an owner of Ultimate Martial Arts since 1994.  Over the years he has had the opportunity to impact lots of martial artists’ and help achieve their dreams.  Be it a dream to get fit and healthy, or be it a dream to compete worldwide for instance Japan, Holland, United States or locally within Canada, he has helped many and continues to help others achieve their success.  However, since the last 11 years that I have spent with my husband he has always had a dream of his own.  A dream to Impact and Empower Women! 

Through our joint efforts, my husband and I have created UKB Women for “You”.  It is our goal to help you look good on the outside and also be proud of how beautiful and perfect you are on the inside, just the way you are.  We welcome you to come to UKB Women and have an amazing time interacting with the members and instructors who take pride in being there.  The happy and welcoming atmosphere that our instructors create for you will encourage you to exercise and achieve your goals while you have fun, which in turn shifts your mental attitude towards being more positive.

I appreciate you for taking the time to read my message and I look forward to seeing you at one of our locations.


Jody Minhas